Why use WePrescribe:

WePrescribe provides affordable healthcare to everyone in Hawaii, irrespective of insurance. We make it easy for you to get new prescriptions and refills without having to travel all the way to a healthcare provider. This means no more waiting for days to get an appointment, and no commutes to the doctor’s office when all you need is a simple prescription.
No. As much as we would like to help everyone in need, an online consultation is not ideal for complex ailments and cases. If our team feels you would be better served by a face-to-face appointment we will guide you to seek the appropriate care.

Your request will be reviewed within 2 business hours, and usually faster. Operating hours are from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily.

How it works:

Just like a regular doctor visit, our physicians ask questions to evaluate your health status and determine if it’s safe to prescribe a medication. In that sense, the level of care remains the same, but our online model makes the process faster and more convenient.

The major difference is the lack of a physical examination. But remember, physical examinations are not necessary for the prescriptions we prescribe unless you have a more complex case with complications. In that case, we will guide to you seek in-person care.

Yes, you will have a live video call with a local doctor. Get to know some of our physicians here.

WePrescribe is completely safe so long as you are truthful while answering our questions. It is extremely important that you answer the questionnaire honestly and accurately.

We can send your prescription to any pharmacy in Hawaii. You can either tell us the pharmacy of your choice or ask our team to choose one depending on location. We can also arrange for home delivery, which is almost always free of charge.

Our services are currently limited to anyone living in or visiting Hawaii. We offer birth control and UTI prescription services for females, and hair loss and erectile dysfunction prescription services for males. We also offer prescription refills for existing medication.

Yes, we have a number of safeguards in place to protect your data and ensure privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we make our company HIPAA compliant.

What it costs:

Our visit fee is $49.99, which covers the video call and doctor’s evaluation. The cost of the actual medication is separate. If you opt for home delivery there might be an extra charge, but that is usually free as well.

One visit costs a flat-rate of $49.99, which includes a doctor consult and evaluation plus issuing of a prescription (the prescription itself is paid for separately).

In order for us to provide a safe evaluation in the allocated consultation time, we recommend one medication request per consultation. If you do require multiple medications, the consultation will be longer in order to meet the same standards of safety and quality. Because of this, there is a charge of $15 for each additional request.
You pay the pharmacy directly for medication.
No, insurance will not cover the visit fee.
It depends on your insurance plan, as well as the exact medication. You can call your insurance provider for more information and clarification.